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Spirit: A Tribute To Jack Kerouac

Recorded live at The Dove Cafe during the March 2001 Birthday Celebration, which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the writing of On The Road, this CD features Jack's original musical collaborator and friend, David Amran in collaboration with nationally and regionally known local poets and musicians. Original contemporary works influenced by Kerouac. $15

Henry Ferrini's, Berkeley Film Festival Award, Grand Festival Award, winning film, "Lowell Blues" on VHS. Based on Jack Kerouac's Doctor Sax, $30.

Shirts - $15
Heavy cotton, professionally printed: xlg, some lg,
a few md and very limited numbers of sm in some designs

Design: Jack's Roots, faux mirror image graphic. Tree and roots depicting family, Lowell, The Road, etc. in roots and book titles above in branches/leaves.
color: Black & white on white.

Design: Jack For All Seasons
Festival Logo front and JK seasonal quotes on back.
color: Black on grey.

Several annual festival poster designs are still available, including "International/Passport," "Merchant Marine," "Football Player," "Jazz and Blues," "Passport with Cross-Cultural Medley," "Commemorative Monument," and more. $14 for one, or first poster in a multiple poster shipment. $10 for each additional poster in a multiple poster shipment.

Thank you for your interest in the First Ever "Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival" poster, with B&W picture of Jack on fire escape with cig, and brakemans manual in pocket. Orders exceeded our expectations.

We must archive a portion of the few left for posterity. These are no longer available for general sales.

Please send a brief description of your order, including quantity, item, size (for shirts), alternate size, design, and alternate design (not all designs are available in all sizes - inventory too dynamic to provide current availability on web site). If no alternate size or design, please state.

Please list quantity for each item seperately, i.e.,

line item
1. 1 Baseball Cap
2. 1 xlg (alt lg) Circular Medley (alt JK Football Player)
3. 1 lg (no alt) JK Passport Photo (no alt)
4. 1 lg (alt md) JK Football Player (alt JK Passport Photo)
5. 1 sm (no alt) Circular Medley (alt JK Football Player)
6. 2 Spirit CD

Submit quirey first by email to: lcarradini@earthlink.net
to confirm availability.

We will let you know what items are available.

Once we have agreement on what you would like shipped, send a check or money order, with a description of your order for confirmation, in the correct amount to:

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac!
P.O. Box 1111
Lowell, MA 01853-1111

We will process the order in a timely manner.
Please remember to include your shipping address.